4th December 2019

Xmas Party Surfing Lessons

If you’re based in the Southern Hemisphere (where Santa wears boardshorts) and you’re looking for something super fun to do with your friends/family/work colleagues to end off your year together – come and have a Xmas Party Surfing Lesson with us!

The main ingredient is a super fun group surfing experience – but depending on your location, we can arrange a variety options for you, before or after your surf: Think beach picnic, brunch in a local beach restaurant, post-surf sunset drinks over looking the ocean – chat to us and let’s plan something together.

When it comes to planning your lesson day & time – we definitely need to chat to you.
All of our surfing lessons are structured and planned around the best and safest time to surf – according to tides and ocean conditions and crowds. We do our best to plan around these factors to make your experience as awesome as possible!

The best way to go about booking an Xmas Party Surfing Lesson, is to send us a Booking Request for the location you’d like to surf at using the booking form on our website – and the let us know in the “Question” section on the booking form that your group lesson is an “Xmas Party”.

See you on the beach!! 😀