10th October 2013

Let’s Put Shark Attacks Into Perspective

It is all too often that sharks are portrayed as mindless killing machines in movies and the media. But unfortunately fear sells newspapers and movie tickets.

At LEARN 2 SURF, we love sharks! Sharks are an essential part of our ecosystem and (fortunately) they are our friends.

Sharks are found around the world and the vast majority of the sharks are totally harmless. Furthermore, the sharks species that are regarded as being ‘dangerous’ to humans, are most certainly NOT interested in us at all!

If just a fraction of the sharks on our coastline were vaguely interested/curious in humans, we would experience shark encounters on a daily basis. Of course accidents do happen – but in reality, only 5 or 6 people die due to sharks INTERNATIONALLY each year. So please be careful!! There is a much higher chance of you dying on your way to the beach than from a shark encounter when you get there.

Take a look at this informative gallery of things that you should be WAY more afraid of than sharks:

Source: buzzfeed

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