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Shark Spotters

24th August 2014

The shark spotting program, started in False Bay, Cape Town, is the only program of it’s kind in the world.

Let’s Put Shark Attacks Into Perspective

10th October 2013

It is all too often that sharks are portrayed as mindless killing machines in movies and the media. But unfortunately fear sells newspapers and movie tickets.

At LEARN 2 SURF, we love sharks! Sharks are an essential part of our ecosystem and (fortunately) they are our friends.

Angola: The World’s Most Perfect Wave (Video)

11th September 2013

3 South Africans (surfing brothers Davey and Benji Brand and a film maker Dan Mace) have discovered what is being regarded as possibly the most perfect wave on earth.

A perfectly shaped left peeling point break with multiple barreling sections with rides up to 3kms long!

Surfers Corner (Video)

29th August 2013

Muizenberg Beach and more specifically Surfers Corner, is credited as being the birthplace of surfing in Cape Town, South Africa.

Check out this documentary film celebrating the history of Muizenberg’s ‘Surfers Corner’ and the people who started surfing there in the 50’s.

The Muizenberg Beach Club

4th July 2013

The Muizenberg Beach Club (MBC) started as a LEARN 2 SURF surfing development program and has grown into a registered NPO (MBC Youth Dev) running daily after school outdoor activities with disadvantage kids from the Cape Flats in Cape Town.

Kelly Slater Ripping Small Waves (Video)

1st July 2013

Kelly Slater, or King Kelly as he is affectionally known, is at the time of writing this blog post the number 1 ranked surfer on the world tour, with 11 world titles under his belt and well on his way to his 12th – a feat unmatched by any other sportsman in any other sport.