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FREE Online Surf Movies

11th Apr 2020

Here is a collection of some of our favourite (complete/full length) surfing films that you can watch right here for FREE!

Massive thanks to all of the film makers for sharing their work! Please check out their YouTube pages and follow them for more awesome films

Hollywood Surf Movies

28th Mar 2020

Most Hollywood movies (and TV shows) that feature surfing are so ridiculously bad they make real surfers cringe! #facepalm

But there have been a few fun Hollywood films to which surfers threw a shaka 🤙(a surfer’s thumbs up). This does not mean that they are good movies – but just that the surfing and surf subject matter was portrayed better in these films than many other attempts.

Surf Movies For Kids

27th Mar 2020

Hey Parents!

Want to brainwash your kids into wanting to surf?

Here is our list of kiddie friendly surf movies to help you plant the surfing seeds in your child’s mind at a nice young age.

Our Favorite Surf Films

30th Mar 2020

Nothing beats surfing! But there are times when you are simply not able to go surfing..

During these sad times, it’s important to stay stoked and still get some of your ‘surf medicine’ through surf mags and SURF MOVIES!

This is a list of our favourite surfing movies split into categories for easy reference: