10th October 2013

Let’s Put Shark Attacks Into Perspective

It is all too often that sharks are portrayed as mindless killing machines in movies and media. But unfortunately fear sells newspapers and movies. At Learn 2 Surf, we love sharks. Sharks are our friends.

The South African coastline has a very unfortunate reputation for being ‘sharky’. Yet with all the hundreds of thousands of sharks cruising past our beaches and the millions of swimmers and surfers who enjoy our oceans each year, the number of (unfriendly) shark encounters is incredibly low.

In a nutshell, if only 1% of the sharks on our coastline were vaguely interested in ‘tasting humans’, we would most likely have ‘attacks’ on a daily basis. And in reality on average only 5 or 6 people per year die due to shark encounters..

So why all the fear and the fuss? 

Check out this awesome gallery of things that you should be WAY more afraid of than sharks..

SOURCE: http://themetapicture.com/things-that-kill-more-people-than-sharks/